Our story, our motivation

There are many reasons for why we do what we do and how. The basis: to build an upright company! Properly upright, with all the inconveniences that come along with it. It is not always fun to do the right thing, there are many bullets we are biting. This is where you can find out what we mean by that. And whatever else we do and cannot stop doing.

issikyl backpacks map 615x415

From mountain lake to backpack

Learn more more about the new KANCHA leather backpacks and find out what they got to do with Kyrgyz mountain lakes!

Alexandra und Atahan

Urban Nomads Ati & Alex

By now you should know that Kyrgyzstan is a stunning beauty. But what to do there? Ati & Alex know it perfectly! Read more about their exciting travel project “Indy Guide” now!


KANCHA Backpack “Sonkyl”

KANCHA is into backpacks now. Or rather: flatpacks. Check out the story behind our new product!


#MakeKyrgyzstanGreatAgain: Meet Aigul – Founder of the Apple Hostel Bishkek

Check out the Apple Hostel in Bishkek and its adventurous founder Aigul!

wooden.kg co-founder Maksat in his workshop

clear sight through wood

KANCHA now sells awesome wooden sunglasses! Check out who makes them, and how.


Look into our workshops

Felt, leather, yarn and skill. That’s all it needs for a KANCHA sleeve. Find out how our stuff is manufactured…



The yurts. The mountains. As far as you can see. Read more about Kyrgyzstan!

KG team foto

new year, new luck


Design our new sleeve and win!

We are looking for the designer of the new pattern of our laptop sleeve. Join now – you can win some decent prizes, too!

Tobi green KANCHA

5 questions for… Tobias Gerhard

A video interview about KANCHA in short – check it out!

kancha team

The urban nomad office

The office: it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at! Check our photo series on an open office space.


Store Locator

Find every store that carries KANCHA urban nomad gear!

maya from IDEA in Kyrgyzstan

#MakeKyrgyzstanGreat Again: Maya Kim and IDEA

How IDEA helps the Kyrgyz youth to debate – read more!


2015 review, 2016 outlook

Check out our honest reflection of all KANCHA activities!

kancha map bishkek berlin

A visual journey

Travel with us to see how sheep wool becomes a handcrafted product!

Advent bei KANCHA: Farbenfrohe und leckere Gewinne

Der KANCHA Adventskalender 2014 (en)

Christmas is about to come. And every sunday you can win a gift!

Shop of kancha

We are opening the first KANCHA shop (in shop)!


The urban nomad hunt!

The urban nomad hunt is on!

social impact, measurement, sustainability, transparency, green supply chain

Measuring goodness

Goals and figures


#whitefriday for the “Irada” orphanage

20% you, 20% we – do something good on #whitefriday!

urban nomads, kancha, photo, design

Urban Nomads on a trip

The brandnew photo series with sleeves, sheep and joy!

Sebastian and Prof. Yunus at ESBF

Warm words from urban nomads!

Und wir haben NIEMANDEN bezahlt, Nomaden-Ehrenwort!

Become KANCHA ambassador

Become our ambassador!

You want to bring the kyrgyz nomad style into your city?

Urban nomad is…

…who can carry his office in a bagpack.
…who feels at home everywhere.
…who lives in the present to shape the future.

green delivery, transparenz, social business, kyrgyzstan, development, supply chain

Transparent – end to end

Our supply chain



Learning from the nomads: felt has tradition in Kyrgyzstan. And Style.

how the story of KANCHA design sleeves started - the crowdfunding video

This is how it all started…

Have a look at our crowdfunding campaign – this made KANCHA possible!