new year, new luck

Thank God. The bloody year 2016 – with the demise of more than one musical greatness and the rise of old political ghosts – is over. And also for us, the year was stormy at times. Long distance relationships are just not that simple (also without any romance, we put plenty of sweat and tears into the job with our team divided by 6000km). Nevertheless we managed a lot and look with much optimism into the new year!

2016: new roof for crafting nomads and new backpack

In the heart of Bishkek we found a new workshop, which now offers a roof for (almost) all our craftspeople, which makes production a whole lot easier. Until now, the leather and sewing workshops were at opposite ends of the city, which resulted in ages of lost time in the traffic jams of the Kyrgyz capital. Our sewing artist Elniza href=””>Elniza left us for a while, to take care of her newborn, instead Altynai joined our team in Bishkek to support both management and the practical work (see video).

Our portfolio was extended by not only a new product category, but a whole new material. Previously all our products were made from local felt and leather, now we have added Kyrgyz organic cotton, which we used to launch the backpack Sonkyl at the end of the year. It was received so well, that the first batch was sold out within 48 hours. What a nice mess!

2017: more #straightouttaKyrgyzstan

Also in this year you can look forward to more products with our signature. Our Berlin designer Jonas and leather master Artur currently work on a new backpack version from leather for the fashionistas and longevity fans among you. But no worries, friends of sleek and leather free: the classic Sonkyl backpack from just organic cotton and felt lining will remain.

Our very first office nomad Tobias is after 2 years astray in a development project to protect the walnut forests in Southern Kyrgyzstan back in Berlin with us. There he will join the marketing team and establish the Kyrgyz Dolce Vita in the German capital.

Beyond that we are working on bringing more Kyrgyzstan to your homes and into your mobile offices: with a new website (coming soon), events in Germany and a surprise for those of you who dare a trip into the Kyrgyz mountains. So stay tuned for more #straightouttaKyrgyzstan this year!

on the road through Kyrgyzstan

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