From mountain lake to backpack

Read more about the further development of our backpacks from organic cotton and what Kyrgyz mountain lakes go to do with it!

After our backpack Sonkyl has conquered the backs of urban nomads last year, our favorite backpack is gettin competition now. We finetuned it a bit and complemented it with Kyrgyz cow leather, which resulted in the elegant and long-lasting combination of leather and organic cotton called Issikyl. Named after the second largest mountain lake of the world, which lies at the feet of the gigantic Tien-Shan mountain range, which connects Kyrgyzstan and China on up to 7000m above sea level. Bigger on this hight is only the Titicaca lake in Bolivia.

Besides the new leather elements, we have added a zipper pocket on the back so that you always have your valuables in reach. What stayed the same is the minimalistic, timeless design of the Sonkyl, which you can transform from a backpack into a tote bag in 2 seconds and offers space for all you need in your daily adventures. The Issikyl is available in red, blue and anthracite, each combined with black leather.

For those who donĀ“t like to go half way – here is the Kylsu for you! This backpack`s outside is completely made from leather, just on the inside we used organic cotton. Also this backpack has all the established Sonkyl features as well as the practical zipper pocket on the back. This full leather version comes in all black. So black that light hardly has a chance in it. The name is – surprise, surprise – inspired by another Kyrgyz mountain lake. The turquise Kel-Suu lies almost unreachable on 3500m, surrounded by caves and cliffs, which give it its legendary aura. The same aura that might soon be with you with the Kylsu!

Also with our new backpacks we seek to realize fair production in Kyrgyzstan. Our cow leather comes as usual from small herders in high mountain pastures, the organic cotton is grown in a controlled environment in Jalal-Abad province, and the cotton fabric is waxed by hand with Kyrgyz beeswax to protect your backpack from rain. Finally, the laptop pocket is surrounded by a layer of felt sewn into the cotton to provide stability and shield it against shocks.

And in case you couldn’t get enough of the Kyrgyz lakes, get inspired here!

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