Between mountains

Kyrgyzstan is often called the Switzerland of Central Asia. Characterized by snow-covered mountains and without access to the sea, the small country has asserted itself between the major powers of the region. Just the banking secrecy is not the same.

East meets West

Generally several ethnic groups peacefully live with each other in Kyrgyzstan. The majority are ethnic Kyrgyz, but also many Usbeks, Russians, Kazakhs, Koreans and other minorities live here… Just next door lies China, but the influence of Russian remains strongest. Yet, the fall of the soviet union has quite battered the country, so that the economy today is strongly dependent on remittances and development funds. 

Nomadically Urban

Until the beginning of the last century, most Kyrgyz people were nomads and traveled through the mountains with their bag and baggage. Today, most people have exchanged the yurt for a proper house. Instead you can find first hotspots of urban nomadism in Bishkek: Also here you will find the creative class sipping on a café latte, typing on their iPhone and hanging out in the co-working space.

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