Office Nomad Josua

What do you do at KANCHA?

I am an Office-Intern-Nomad and help pretty much with everything a little. Besides I am busy with my application portfolio for which Jonas consults me well.

What do love to do besides KANCHA?

Besides KANCHA, friends, the guitar, the xBox and my application portfolio dictate my current life.

Do you have a favorite place to be at?

On cycling trips I find favorite spots every year again!

What’s your favorite drink?

Grapfruit juice in the morning and Pangalactic Thundersirp in the evenings!

What do you like most about your job?

The office nomads, and the office breakfast on thursdays!

And least of all?
Standing in line at the post office and those days that my laptop doesn’t function, so about 4 times a month.

EWhat’s your favorite KANCHA product?

The Origami ‘Compact’ is pretty awesome!

Your message to the world?
Ey yo! If you spin to fast you’ll get dizzy!

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