Behind the curtains

This page will help you, to understand the bigger picture. Who’s behind all of this? Check it out!
Crafting Nomads – our craftspeople
Urban Nomads – our customers
Office Nomads – laptop acrobats
Are you an urban nomad, too? Write us a mail for a portrait!


office nomad altynay

Does it all, loves purple and loud friends. Read more about our Kyrgyz thoroughbred!


Office Nomad Chiara

Serene aesthetics from Italy!

fbaina dittrich urban nomad

Urban Nomad Fabian

Bulls eye – 120% urban nomad. Read more!

urban nomad larissa

Office Nomad Larissa

Hands on dreaming!


Crafting Nomad Artur

Have a look into Artur’s leather workshop and see what gets him going!


Urban nomad Daniela

Researched inspiration for our “Stellar” collection!


Office Nomad Josua

The thundersirping designer in spe!


Office Nomad Helen

PR & Marketing with all of her heart, but for a good cause please!

Urban Nomad Nadine

Urban Nomad Nadine

A portrait on the restless designer who wants to travel the world, even with her baby.

Urban Nomad Miriam

Urban Nomad Miriam

A creative urban nomad who loves to spoil her friends with her own food creations!

Urban Nomad Gabor

Urban Nomad Gabor

The hiking lawyer with big ideas.

Portrait of Hannes

Urban Nomad Hannes

Giving his all to build up a sustainable community. And traveling to soak in new experiences.

Portrait von Linda

Urban Nomad Linda

In love with capoeira, coffee, and human rights.

Andrey Portrait

Crafting Nomad Andrey

Family and exotic fishes.

Office Nomad Natalie

Office Nomad Natalie

For colorful online-marketing.

Crafting Nomad Elniza

Crafting Nomad Elniza

Meet our fabulous sewing artist from Bishkek.

Valera portrait

Crafting Nomad Valera

Off to the mountains!

Jonas portrait

office nomad Jonas

The aesthetic conscience.


Crafting Nomad Artur

Arthur the leather master

Urban Nomad Sandra

Urban Nomad Sandra

The next trip is always waiting.

Crafting Nomad Nazira

Crafting Nomad Nazira

Excellent embroideries.

Oskar Portrait

Office Nomad Oskar

Making. Things. Happen.

sewing lady Lidiya

Crafting Nomad Lidiya

The poetic sewing lady.

Aigul portrait

Office Nomad Aigul

Our operations jewel.

Portrait Marion

Urban Nomad Marion

Ms. 200% – Arbeit plus Studium

porträt- Stefan

Urban Nomad Stefan

Der Geo Graf.

KANCHA Co-Founder Tobi

Office Nomad Tobias

The very first urban nomad.

Working Nomad Armin

Office Nomad Armin

One mission: 100% happy customers!


Office Nomad Sebastian

The juggler from Berlin.

Potrait Lukas

Urban Nomad Lukas

Surf’n Design!