Our friends from provide professionals that are on the look for a meaningful job and similarly thinking businesses with a platform to find each other. On top of that, they supply us with a range of resources, articles and information about “working differently” and also host events for meeting other meaning seakers.

Why we are friends with TheChanger?

We love that the TheChanger-crew is so dedicated to a positive change in the world – because we are, too!


Quartiermeister produce social beer and combine pleasure with helping others. In fact, if you drink a Quartiermeister beer you directly support projects in your own Kiez. And on top of that, Quartiermeister are transparent, correct and politically active. 

Why we are friends with Quartiermeister?

Because we appreciate their idea of immediate help and their clear emphasis on an ongoing development of their own sustainability. And, of course, their beer! 

#Ein guter Plan

Milena & Jan from Ein guter Plan aim to convert the dogma “stress equals performance“ and create with their life planner a space for self reflection and meditation. Even more, they give very practical and directly convertible incentives and show us how to change the world without the oh-so-present self optimization.

Why we are friends with Ein guter Plan?

We think it’s important to set aside some time to evaluate your own resources regarding to sustainability. Especially when you want to change the world. And Ein guter Plan lends you a hand to put your focus exactly on this.


The Berlin based fashion label is known for fair fashion and high quality design. Folkdays builds partnerships on eye level with local craftspeople and communities and supports them in creating an autonomic and self-sufficient life. Folkdays sets its focus on long lasting cooperations and the merging of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

Why we are friends with Folkdays?

Folkdays, like us, care about a meaningful use of resources and the preservation of beautiful traditional craftsmanship – way more than about huge profits.


Ecosia is the alternative browser that plants trees for clicks. Ecosia claims that everyone can do good and they make acting sustainably easy with maximized user-friendliness. Besides the ecological factor, Ecosia wants to initiate a change in our working routine by working without hierarchies and with great self responsibility.

Why we are friends with Ecosia?

Ecosia thinks ahead and approaches a monopolized market with a lot of esprit. And they don’t get tired trying to find solutions for modern time problems.


It’s soulbottles’ mission to provide us with a beautiful and sustainable alternative to bottled water. Like this each year many tons of plastic waste and CO2 emmission can be avoided and people are inspired to drink more tab water. In addition, soulbottles care to live and promote a change in the working routine. They take steps in that direction by using the organization model Holacracy and a shared language of Nonviolent Communication.

Why we are friends with soulbottles?

Because soulbottles share with us a happy hands-on attitude and tackle a today’s problem with their own creative and aesthatically appealing ideas.

#Restlos Glücklich

The association Restlos Glücklich e.V.  puts all its efforts into making us recall the value of food. They hold workshops and offer cooking courses to sharpen our perception of food wastage. And to make this complex subject more approachable they recently opened up the Restlos Glücklich restaurant where the team magically creates full menus with rescued food.

Why we are friends with Restlos Glücklich?

It’s amazing to see what a love for food the whole Restlos Glücklich team shares and how they voice this subject in so many different ways.