About us

urban nomad Maya

We make lifestyle accessories for urban nomads. Since we founded our company in 2013 in Berlin, we have been making design products from natural and locally sourced materials in Kyrgyzstan. And we ensure decent working conditions for our craftspeople as well as premium quality and design for our clients. Every product comes with a handmade label personally signed by one of the craftspeople in Kyrgyzstan to allow the client to learn more about the person and the story on our website.

What do we want?

More than just to sell nice things, we want to make a positive contribution to the economic development of Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, we are permanently present at our production site in Bishkek with an office and we work together with our producers, suppliers and other partners on improving the ecological and social balance in our value chain and to support social entrepreneurship projects in Kyrgyzstan.

How did you get the idea?

When co-founder Tobias first traveled to Kyrgyzstan, he was fascinated with the art of felting initially developed by the nomads in the country. Back in Berlin he noticed a different type of nomads: urban nomads with laptop and smartphone, who move from metropolis to metropolis without a fixed workplace or home. This gave birth to the idea to make the traditional crafts work of Kyrgyzstan attractive to the urban nomads of the world and thereby to contribute to the development of the economically weak country.

In the summer of 2013, co-founders Tobias Gerhard, Sebastian Gluschak, Oskar Kim together with designer Jonas Görtz put the concept into reality with a successful crowdfunding campaign.